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OK, OK before the queues down Kenton road, Harrow get any longer. We don't mean free as in free cake we mean free as in recipes for cake that are free from lactose, free from gluten, free from nuts*, free from alcohol, suitable for vegans and of course our tried and trusted egg free cakes. Find out how we are helping cake lovers with complex dietary requirements, religous requirements and allergies to enjoy our cakes.

For sometime now we have been London's premiere shop for egg free cake. And now with same day cake delivery in London our gorgeous, eggless, home-baked delights have been literally flying out. So what's new?

Secretly for some time now, deep in the OnlyEggless food lab, the Karsh brothers have been conspiring to come up with more 'free from...' cake recipes. So what has taken them so long? Working to their philosophy and principles instilled in them by their grandfather it was not acceptable simply to produce:

Each and every new version from our existing egg free cake range absolutely has to be; downright delicious and totally impossible to tell that any compromise has been made on the ingredients!

"Vegan cake recipes abound, many cookery books have lactose/gluten/wheat free offerings but it is our fanatical focus on no-compromise taste, texture and appearance that make our forthcoming gluten free, lactose free, nut free, alcohol free and vegan cake ranges so special."
The Karsh Brothers

As you would expect here at OnlyEggless we understand the importance you put on the ingredients that go into the cake that you and your family eat. But what you won't believe, until you try them is how, at the same time, we have made them taste so divine.

If you have special dietary, religious or allergy requirements but love cake, then talk to us today. Phone: 0208 626 8886

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