Egg Free Cupcakes

Our amazing egg free cupcakes have finally arrived!

At last, the OnlyEggless team have passionately practiced and perfected a recipe for fantastic cupcakes made without any egg! With the same delicious sponge as the rest of our premium quality egg free cakes and a delicious, flavored icing layer on top, you're guaranteed a wonderfully tasty treat!

OnlyEggless cupcake recipes

Our brilliant OnlyEggless bakers have made sure that the quality of our cupcakes is still the same high standard that you expect, without the high prices! A massive array of egg free cupcake recipes creating different flavours, colours and sizes ensure that you will never have to be craving a sweet treat again!

The public went wild when we first released the egg free cupcakes. People clamouring left and right to accomadate their eggless needs, whether it be a chocolatey mood with the Chocolate Chip Cupcake; a fruity mood with the Rasberry Ripple Cupcake; or even those who fancied a bit of a change, with the Almond Crunch Cupcake. We promise to provide you with a fantastic variety of different cupcakes made without egg. 

And guess what? It's FREE!

Not free as in costs nothing, but free as in: if you are requiring a Nut Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free or Gelatin Free (and of course egg free, as always) cupcake, then all you have to do is give us a call (0208 2043735) and we will go that extra mile to cater to your specific needs.

Time to say goodbye... For now.

Got to go now, another batch in the oven is ready, but don't worry, we are still available to deliver some delicious egg free cupcakes straight to you door if you so wish. Guaranteed same day delivery to anywhere in London ensures your satisfaction. Now, we are going to carry on baking some delicious, acclaimed OnlyEggless cupcakes. Get your cupcakes here.

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