Egg free chocolate sponge recipe

This time its egg free chocoltae sponge! You may have already seen our fantastic vanilla cake mixture tutorial, and been swept away by the pure simplicity of the baking process. Well, we have yet another amazing recipe for you to try yourself!

Egg Free Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe That Rises Every Time!

All you will need for this recipe is some of our very special OnlyEggless egg free chocolate sponge cake mix.

egg free chocolate sponge cake mix .9kg

egg free chocolate sponge cake mix 4.5kg

egg free chocolate sponge cake mix 9kg

egg free chocolate sponge cake mix 18kg

And some water. To start off with, all you have to do is add the water to your eggless chocolate cake mix. Make sure that, however much cake mix you use, you use half as much water. Simple!

Start to whisk this at a slow speed for about three minutes, all you are doing here is blending the water with the magic egg-free cake mix. Once you see the mixture begin to thicken, stop whisking and scrape the sides of your bowl down, just to make sure all of that egg free chocolate cake mix gets mixed together.

Now, whisk the soloution at a higher speed for about ten minutes until you get a really nice, light and fluffy mixture.

Next in this recipe you must pour your mixture into your baking tin. Now, unless you have an industrial baking oven like our professional chefs at Onlyeggless, the next part should be done in an ordinary oven. Preheat the oven to somewhere between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius, then just pop in the wonderful egg free chocolate mixture and “Voila!” You're pretty much done.

Just keep it in the oven for about 25 minutes. So, you've got your delicious chocolate sponge cake all cooked and it's risen very nicely (I did tell you it would!), all that is left to do, is check that it has been fully cooked. Simply slice a butter knife through the centre of the cake, from the top, and check that once you've pulled it out, there is no residual cake mixture on it. If there is, just put the cake back in the oven for a few more minutes.

Just one thing left to do now. Enjoy!

Egg free chocolate sponge recipe video

Now watch the OnlyEggless experts do it.

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