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Egg Free Novelty Cakes

Only Eggless: inspired novelty cakes

At Only Eggless our egg free novelty cakes are elegantly decorated to near perfection. Our team of over 15 skilled master bakers and decorators can turn there hands to almost anything. We have solid experience for creating masterpieces without the use of Egg and various other non-Vegetarian items often assumed to be required with iced / novelty cake making. You probably are purchasing from the single largest team of combined Eggless cake makers in Europe. Just think of the peoples faces when they see your surprise!  You cannot tell our novelty cakes are made without egg!

Egg free novelty cakes for all occasions

Even if you don't need an eggless novelty cake you will still love it and be astounded at our creation. So why not? 

We have no doubt how seriously you insist  that your cake is totally egg free. So whatever your requirements, we will not disappoint. Below are but a few of the master pieces created. Please do contact us with any personal designs or requests you may have in mind. All cake's are subject to artistic licence

Get your novelty cake made without egg today!

And with sameday cake delivery in London you don't need to leave the house.

Egg Free Novelty Cakes