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Egg Free Fruit Cakes

Why Only Eggless Fruit cake?

Feeling a little fruity? More than a little! At Only Eggless our egg free fruit cakes are hand made using techniques and ingredients that go back almost as far as the invention of pleasure itself. They are only made with the freshest eggless ingredients, so some of our fruit cakes are subject to availability due to the seasonality of fruit.  You cannot tell our fruit cakes are made without egg!

Egg free fruit cake for all

Even if you don't need to buy eggless fruit cakes you will still love them. So why not? From the awe inspiring fruit blend in our egg free fruity celebration to our oh wow eggless Berry cake.

We have no doubt how seriously you insist  that your cake is totally egg free. So whatever your fruity desire is, we will not disappoint.

Your fruit cake made without egg today!

And with sameday cake delivery in London you don't need to leave the house.

Egg Free Fruit Cakes