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You have landed have found We are London's premier egg free cake shop and this is our blog. Here you can find recipes for egg free cakes as well as information about food for special dietary requirements. Be sure to check our latest guides for the best egg replacement ingredients.

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Get eggless cake, wherever you are in London, TODAY!

The vast majority of our cakes can be made to order for collection within half an hour. If that isn't impressive enough those same cakes are available for same day delivery in London.

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If you want even more ways to replace eggs in your cake recipes read on.

3 more ways to replace eggs in your baking

Obviously we could never give up our secrets about how we make our cakes the best but some of the essentials about baking without egg we share with you in this article.

3 ways to replace eggs in your baking

Hot on the heals of our zebra sponge recipe you just have to try this Lemon drizzy drizzle cake recipe. The only question is which to try first unless you just make them both at the same time.

Egg free lemon drizzy drizzle cake

If you loved our egg free sponge recipes a month or so back then you will definately want to try out our recipe for this tasty and fun alternative.

Vanilla and chocolate zebra sponge cake recipe.

If you love cupcakes but like them to be a bit exotic then this delightful eggless recipe will have you preheating your oven before you know it.

Recipe for egg free bumble bee cupcakes

Another seriously tasty egg free recipe for you. Want to make delicious chocolate brownies without egg?

Egg free chocolate brownie recipe.

A tasty dairy free recipe for you.

Egg and dairy free summer biscuit recipe

Want to make the perfect egg free cupcake sponge?

Egg free cupcake sponge recipe.

Take a look at the Only Eggless video page

Egg free videos

Egg free cupcakes now available at

Egg free cupcakes

After a long wait we can finally hear the second instalment of the day spent at OnlyEggless in Harrow by our intrepid reporter.

A day in London's premier egg free cake shop - Part 2


New OnlyEggless video! A visual behind the scenes look at London's only Egg Free cake shop with same day delivery.

As promised the first in a long and exciting line of egg free cake recipes, baking tips and tricks. First up is the secret to our egg free chocolate sponge.

Egg free chocolate sponge recipe

Egg free cakes are selling like hot... OK I will have to think of another way of saying that. Our cakes are being devoured all over London. With same day delivery more and more London areas are hearing about us and sampling our OnlyEggless goodness. With that in mind we invited an independent reporter along to document the goings on here at egg free head office in Kenton road, Harrow.

A day in London's premier egg free cake shop (His words not ours)

Next in our series of egg free cake recipes is our Vanilla sponge cake. Take a look at our instructions or watch the video.

Egg free vanilla sponge cake recipe

OnlyEggless Announcement. Free Cake!

Free Cakes at

Everything you wanted to know about the OnlyEggless cake shop but were too afraid to ask. Our new about us page.

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