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 Here at OnlyEggless, we believe in serving our community. Built on a foundation of tradition, innovation, service and integrity, we aren’t your  ordinary cake shop. Our eggless cakes don’t compromise on texture, taste and aesthetics. And we don’t compromise on our customers.




Our family has deep roots in baking; dating back to the 1940s when our Great grandfather was involved in the Sweet & Confectionery trade. He was a source of inspiration for our whole family as well as being a role model for his community.

He strongly believed that his work, whilst benefiting him and his family, should also benefit those around him. It was always his goal to have a positive impact on the community and to bring people together. He was always happy to share a slice of cake with a passer-by, content with putting a smile on everyone’s face.

From these humble beginnings, and modest means, he worked hard at his craft. He continued to serve his family and community, realising that baking could have a massive impact on those around him; cultivating memory, gratitude and love. Our grandfather followed suit by becoming a supreme baker. Now we have taken up the mantle, continuing to serve our community one smile at a time. This family business is run with a welcoming heart.


Our skilled bakers have learnt the techniques passed down through the generations. They constantly strive to innovate and be at the cutting edge of baking. Here at OnlyEggless, you will find only the highest quality cakes, patisserie and desserts.

We have strived to be recognised internationally and build a good reputation in our forefather’s names. This has been achieved on the quality of our products, fresh ingredients and our skilled baking methods.


Our eggless/egg-free products are well renowned throughout the UK and Europe. We offer bespoke special occasion cakes as well as celebration cakes.

Personalised cakes can be made to order within just thirty minutes, seven days a week (till 10pm) and free same-day delivery London. We take pride in being able to serve our community in such an efficient and innovative way.

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