A day in London's top egg free cake shop

When I was asked by the Karsh brothers to write a little report about the OnlyEggless team in Harrow, London. I saw it as an opportunity to see and taste from the inside. So I immediately suggested I spend a day on the egg free front line.

The night before the day I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the egg free summer fruits celebration cake I had sampled the last time I paid them a visit. My day with the OnlyEggless cake team was going to be a delicious one for sure.

I arrived one snowy Winters morning a few weeks back. I like to start early, keep the subjects of my work on their toes. But already the gorgeous smell of sponges cooking was permeating the air outside the OnlyEggless store. You can probably imagine my surprise when at 7am I entered the premises to find a workforce already in full swing!

The ovens were humming giving of heat almost as great as that created by the frenetic energy and bustle of cakes being iced, fruited and personalised. Happy birthday cakes were being written, a Ferrero Rocher cake was being topped off with the most gorgeous looking swirls of thick creamy chocolate and an individual Ferrero Rocher gently, no artistically, popped onto each delightful swirl.I wiped the drool from my chin and went to observe the customer facing area.

In the eating and serving area OnlyEggless operatives were scurrying around like Mrs Bucket from 'keeping up appearances' expecting a visit from the Mayor of London. The cleanliness, fastidiousness and downright pride that oozed from every cake crazy individual was extraordinary.

Clearly this was no ordinary cake shop!

As the morning progressed the phones started ringing and to my amazement the tempo was increased. Cake orders of every shape and size were coming thick and fast. The Eggless team seemed to know exactly what to do, when to do it and who would be doing it. The whole thing 'just worked'. It shouldn't have done but it just did.

All the components of the human cake making machine were inspiring to watch. Yet it wasn't a machine because every little cup cake right up to the enormous, mouth watering Cream celebration cake being creamed up ready for delivery that very afternoon was being tended to like an artist to his canvas.

Out the back felt I was constantly in the way (update: Karsh says I was definitely in the way) yet out in the customer facing area calm and welcoming warmth abounded. And then it happened!

Around 11am it was suggested, I take a tea break. A tea break in London's premier egg free cake shop. Trying not to make it too obvious that a free cake was the only reason I was there at all, I agreed.

Coming soon on the OnlyEggless blog

The afternoon was even more eventful as I ventured out with the delivery team that deliver same day egg free cakes in London and get an up close and personal interview with the Karsh brothers.

Also next time...

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  • OnlyEggless reporter tries OnlyEggless cakes at tea break.
  • OnlyEggless reporter gets in the way some more.
  • Sony announces egg free edible PS3.
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